Ing. Petra SOJKOVÁ (ŠKODA AUTO, Czech Republic)

Ing. Petra SOJKOVÁ (ŠKODA AUTO, Czech Republic)

ŠKODA AUTO, Czech Republic, EU

Position: Logistics and Innovation Strategy, ŠKODA AUTO Logistics Planning, Czech Republic, EU

At the CLC 2018 congress, Ms. Sojkova will present the lecture: 'Green Logistics at ŠKODA AUTO'.

Petra Sojkova graduated at the University of Economics in Prague, branch International Trade and  specialization International Transportation and Forwarding. She also studied at the universities of Beijing and Nanchang through the scholarship of the Chinese government. Her international experience was gathered among others at the Czech Trade Promotion Agency (CzechTrade) in Vienna (Austria, EU).

Ms. Sojkova started her career at ŠKODA AUTO Logistics, where she is currently focusing on the issue of Green Logistics within ŠKODA AUTO Logistics strategy as well as innovative management and PR of ŠKODA AUTO Logistics. She specializes in sustainability, which she understands in a wider context based on her international experience. She is a member of the Green Logistics workgroup, which connects experts on the Green Logistics of all brands of the Volkswagen Group. She focuses primarily on the possibilities of using alternative fuels in freight transport, emission issues and the popularization of Green Logistics.

Ms. Sojkova is dedicated to spreading awareness about Green Logistics not only within the ŠKODA AUTO, as well as by lectures for students of universities and secondary schools.

The lecture introduces participants to the approach of ŠKODA AUTO Logistics to the issue of Green Logistics and will explain how sustainability in logistics is generally understood by one of Europe's largest car manufacturers. The lecture will be based on practical solutions that have already been implemented in ŠKODA AUTO Logistics.

Green Logistics must be perceived as a global trend, which requires our attention.