Dr. Ing. Christian SCHWEDE (Fraunhofer IML, Germany)

Dr. Ing. Christian SCHWEDE (Fraunhofer IML, Germany)

Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, Germany, EU

Christian Schwede (born in 18.03.1981 in Witten) is head of the department „Information logistics and decision support systems" at Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics in Dortmund (Germany). Fraunhofer IML is the biggest institute of applied logistics science in Europe and one of the mayor players in pushing forward the topic of Industry 4.0 in Germany.

At the CLC 2018 congress Dr. Schwede will present the plenary lecture: "Future Trends of Logistics in the Digital Age".

Dr. Schwede is working for the institute since 2007 in different projects of applied science and business consultancy. He has specialized in the automotive industry and information systems for logistics. During these years at Fraunhofer he worked in more than 30 projects for various global players in different sectors. His doctor thesis was finished in 2014 with the topic of “Integration order sequencing and distribution transport planning in the automotive industry” at TU Dortmund (Germany). His main area of investigation is how to digitally integrate the human being in the new world of labour, which is right now appearing at the horizon.

Additionally Dr. Schwede is dictating classes of Production “Planning and Control” at applied university of Bochum and Südwestfalen and has been dictating “Cooperate Software Development” at applied university of Dortmund and Cologne. 

Additionally he is specialised in: